Dry Hair Problems

What Is Dry Hair?

Dry hair is hair that does not have enough moisture and oil to maintain its natural sheen and texture. Dry hair occurs when the hair does not have enough sebum to keep it glossy.

What Are The Symptoms Of Dry Hair?

A hair that is dry is always dull in appearance because it does not reflect light well due to its lack of moisture and oil. Dry hair also appears bleached as a result of over-exposure to sun or chlorinated water. Dry hair is always frizzy and may have split-ends.

What Causes Dry Hair?

1. Excessive blow-drying without applying the right products.
2. Frequent exposure to the sun and other harsh weather conditions.
3. Use of products that contain harsh chemicals.
4. Excessive scrubbing of the hair.
5. Swimming in salty or chlorinated water.

What Are The Consequences Of Dry Hair?

When a hair is dry, it is very vulnerable to breakage during styling, combing or other grooming activities, and this can result in severe damage to the hair.
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Why Use ?

Use Natures Gentle Touch Daily Oil Moisturiser to keep your hair moist and healthy. All you need do is apply a coin size amount. Rub on your palms, then gently massage into hair and scalp daily. Say no to dry hair and yes to zero hair dryness.

Hair Care Tips

· Keep your hair moisturised to ensure it is healthy.
· Dry hair breaks easily, always use Natures Gentle Touch Moisturiser.
· Do not replace a moisturiser with pomade.
· Ensure that you only blow-dry moisturized hair.
· Do not blow-dry without using a moisturiser or a heat protectant. Try ARGAN OIL HEAT PROTECTOR
· Reduce the frequent exposure of your hair to harsh chemicals and weather. These harsh conditions can cause the cuticle to rise and lose moisture from the cortex.
· Use a satin scarf to cover your hair before going to bed; this will prevent loss of moisture and cuticle damage
· Do not use harsh soaps or hard water to wash your hair; this will result in a dry, brittle and damaged hair.

Dry Hair Treatment

Jojoba oil and wheat germ oil are natural ingredients that are known to help to alleviate dry hair. Jojoba oil has excellent soothing and moisturising properties that moisten the hair down to the follicles, preventing it from drying up and becoming damaged. This oil absorbs quickly into the hair follicles without clogging the pores. The emollient properties of wheat germ oil gives it the ability to relieve dryness and add moisture to the hair.

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