3 Step Solution For Dry Hair



Product Description

The Natures Gentle Touch Natural Hair Kit contains 5 hair care products that is perfect for your hair care routine. The kit contains:

  • Moisture Care Shampoo – Improves damaged hair, aid cell growth and tissue formation. It is formulated to replenish lost moisture into the hair strand for strength and softness.
  • Deep Conditioning Cholesterol – Contains Vitamin E and Vegetable proteins which repairs weak & damaged hair. Also prevents hair breakage.
  • Intensive Leave In Treatment -Restores the PH of your hair, protects it from stretching and breaking during combing and provides instant continuous conditioning treatment for ultimate hair care.
  • Castor Oil – This hair & scalp Creme is a daily scalp conditioner for damaged hair. Contains herbal extracts which prevent hair breakage and split-ends. It is suitable for all hair textures and very excellent for relaxed, permed, pressed or colour-treated hair.
  • Shea Butter Comb Eazie – Rich in Vitamins A and E, our Shea Butter Lotion will detangle hard to comb hair. Offering that advantage of easy combing.

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