How To Choose A Hair Relaxer

In order to pick the best relaxer, you need to know the type of hair you have on your head. A coarse hair is a type of hair  that has thick wiry strands while  a textured hair has  thin and smooth strands.  It is important to pick the correct strength formula for your hair type. Hair relaxers are a way of chemically straightening one’s hair and can turn a super curly or coily mane into straight strands. It is a fairly popular method of permanently straightening one’s hair .

Choose The Right Type Of Relaxer

There are two different types of relaxers, lye and no lye. Certain types of relaxers work best for different hair types. With a basic understanding of the best types of relaxers for various types of hair, you can select a hair relaxer for yourself with confidence. Be sure to do a  Hair analysis or strand test before using any relaxer on your entire head to ensure that you won’t have a reaction, as well as to see how well it works. Relaxers that contain natural plant extracts can help soothe the scalp, which could help to minimize the irritation to your hair and scalp.

1 . A  Relaxer For A Sensitive Scalp

If you have a sensitive scalp, a No Lye Relaxer is the best option. These types of relaxers are known for being milder and are often used on sensitive scalp. These formulas work very quickly.They are are designed for sensitive scalps and can also be used on curly, coily or wavy textures. You also need to consider the relaxer strength that is compatible  with your hair type. Use No Lye Relaxer Super strength for thick and coarse hair and No Lye Relaxer Regular strength for normal hair.

2. A Relaxer For Curly Hair

A lye relaxer is a type of relaxer that is suitable for super curly or coily hair, as it will act on the hair quickly and have a dramatic relaxing effect. A lye relaxer will still be harsh, but relatively gentler on your hair than other types of relaxers. The hair absorbs and retains moisture more effectively when you use a lye relaxer, thus reducing breakage and making hair stronger.



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